Friday, June 15, 2012

Music Notes: nairboman - Here We Go...

Recently, I just self-released my first music album, which I am very proud of. It is called Here We Go... and is available on CDbaby, Itunes, and Amazon. It is in the genre of Electronic Dance Music and covers a wide variety of styles within that genre. I grew up loving the ideas and sounds I heard in contemporary electronic dance music. Music is, after all is said and done, the art of sounds and that is what electronic music realizes and celebrates. Electronic Music is also relatively free of the sometimes cumbersome structures imposed on more conventional types of music, which makes it all the more exiting. My album, though, is very accessible and extremely dance oriented. It is perfect for parties, clubs, and home listening. The following are the songs on it and my short descriptions of them. You can buy the individual songs or the whole album by clicking on the links to them on the blog sidebar or scrolling down all the way to the bottom of the blog to my music store. Thanks. :)

1. Acid Trax - I wanted to make the leadoff track very compelling and think I succeeded. Featuring a classic acid house bass line, if this song doesn't get you dancing or your head bobbing, nothing will.

2. Here We Go -  Mixing classic rock style piano and an electronic beat and percussion(with some judiciously placed oscillations)shouldn't necessarily work, but absolutely does and is the most popular track that I feature on Youtube. Easily as danceable and even more emotional than Acid Trax.

3. Predestination - This is a stately, ominous ambient track with a burbling bassline and some old fashioned record hiss at the end for added effect. If you like film noir or trip-hop or relaxed and sophisticated, this should do the trick.

4. Get Freaky - Fun would be the best way to describe this track. Full of 80's and 90's style hip-hop record scratches and turntablism, this track works simultaneously as a cut-up pastiche, experimental instrumental hip hop and one of the most intensely danceable tracks on the album.

5. Walk the Dinosaur - Based around a fuzzy bass line and insistent strings and cinematic in scope, this should appeal to people who love film soundtrack music and trancy sounds.

6. Evilsmell - Humorous and experimental, but grounded in pure groove, this track should appeal to people who like Frank Zappa and/or Parliament/Funkadelic.

7. Everybody... - Eminently danceable, this is kind of a collision of disco and IDM(intelligent dance music). With bits of my eccentric humor and variety thrown it for good measure, this should get you moving.

8. Remembrance of Things Past - Emotional and very danceable, this one will make you both nostalgic and tapping your feet.

9. Etherea - Different from any of the other tracks, this one is a mix of women's choir like voices. No beats or even instrumental or electronic sounds  to be found here.  This should appeal to both fans of relaxing ambient and classical music.

10. Melancholy Bliss - A bittersweet piano driven dirge with electronic flourishes, this song will appeal to those in the mood for reflection and contemplation.

11. C'mon Ladies - The most purely experimental piece on the album, this track features nothing like dance music and is based on  found sound (musique concrete) and artificially produced sound (electronic/computer music) mixed together for maximum interest and impact. If you love experimental music, you will love this track.

12. Jaunty Palms - Jazzy keyboard and exciting rhythms make this one immediately accessible and fun. Bouncy and irresistible, with some nice surprises thrown in for good measure.

13. Surfing on Wav(e)s - This is a pure trance track full of burbling synths and a compelling forward momentum. Accordingly, its perfect for the dance floor or your headphones.

14. Nightcity - Also quite different than the rest of the album, this one might be called downtown ambient. Like taking a relaxing walk or drive through the hot city at night, you can almost feel the sweat dripping off your body with this one.

15. Dub Africa - Combining African rhythms with a dub aesthetic, this track is also very original in terms of the album. Danceable and involving, especially for fans of African and Dub music.

16. Dance Macabre - Another album anomaly, this track is a cinematic horror genre pastiche of sounds, complete with wind and low droning electronic sounds in the background. Perfect for Halloween or a Horror genre buff.

17. Marnobina - Synthpop heaven. Full of synths flowing back and forth and in and out of each other, with dance rhythms to back it all up. If good vibes and/or nouveau disco is your thing, you'll love this.

18.  Evocation - Subtly creepy, with a hint of sinister, this ominous soundscape is pretty danceable too, but just as at home on your headphones.

19. Undul - Experimental and groovy. Based around static and other similar electronic sounds, it nevertheless is one of the most rhythmically compelling tracks on the album. If you like your grooves original sounding, step no further.

20. Swell - Explicitly synth oriented ambient that eventually morphs into something very different while retaining the original flow, this track ends the album on an epic, appropriate note.


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